The Crew: Half Family Half Team

There’s something that drives people to work in food service. We all have our individual reasons: some of us like to cook, or like to make people smile. But what really draws us all to the professional kitchen is the clear fact that there’s no other place we fit in quite as well. We’re all misfits in one way or another and the kitchen is a healthy place to be our crude selves without judgement from our peers. We don’t just become coworkers in a production environment; we become a “pirate crew” with the joint goal of making the customers, the boss, and ourselves happy.

Every job I’ve had before working in a bakery was the same. They gave decent pay for ditch-digging work. I make less per hour than I ever did washing windows but I’ll never go back to that because when I’m in the bakery, I’m home. The people I work with are friends and family to me and I’ll gladly take up some of their slack if things get rough because they’re worth sacrificing for. We strive together and suffer together and at the end of the day we definitely enjoy drinking together.

Drinks after work with the coworkers are necessary for a happy and healthy crew. It’s how we decompress and learn the most about each other.

On the clock we still have our fun. The jokes are many but we don’t let that slow us down. We’re still there to work but it’s all about keeping up on our own shit and helping others keep up on theirs. We’re in this together!

Never without our fair share of stupid quips.

I’ve never felt so close with my coworkers. Coming into work is like coming home and in New Orleans, where I’m surrounded by drunk strangers and obnoxious people it’s one of the few places I find comfort. My crew, my friends, my family.

Pi Day with Cards Against Humanity with the bakery crew. It was real.

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